Care Instructions

All of our suits are similar to fine lingerie and must be cared for in the same manner. While ALL of the suits can be worn in pool or ocean water, they are not intended for strenuous physical water activity or long periods of time in heavily chlorinated water.

  • Rinse swimsuit immediately after used in water (example: beach, pool, lake)
  • Rinse each color suit separately (Colors may bleed) under the sink with cold water for 2 minutes . If needed, use a light dish liquid soap and rub the swimsuit together until dirt is removed and rinse again in cold water until the soap is removed.
  • After all of the water is removed from the swimsuit, lay it out flat on a flat surface to dry or hang the swimsuit on an inside line (NOT AN OUTSIDE LINE). Let the swimsuit dry inside away from the sun. Do not place swimsuit in a washer or dryer, hand wash only.


Following these steps will keep your swimsuit(s) vibrant in color(s) and long lasting.